On July 22, 2002, the Somerville Comics Collaborative hit the streets of Somerville to create our second collaborative comic. At the Art Beat Festival, the citywide celebration put on by the wonderful Somerville Arts Council, we (Dan Moynihan, Heath Row, and Jef Czekaj) set up our table and invited passers-by of all ages to contribute the next panel of a comic that evolved over the course of the day.
Even though the day was overcast and near-rain for most of Art Beat, there was a good turnout -- and the sun finally broke later in the afternoon. "The whole city is drawing a comic! You can help!" Heath would call into the crowds passing by. Young children, young adults, and even the elderly sat down for a spell to help develop a flip-book comic about a giant cat attacking Somerville, rocket ships, its friend Funky Dragon, giant cookies, dancing, and the sea.
This project was funded in part by a grant by the Somerville Arts Council.

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photos by Heath Row.